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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) is a leading private university in Malaysia. At UTAR, we take extra efforts to make your educational journey on campus a fulfilling and memorable experience that incorporates both scholastics academic pursuits and character building.



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Faculty Highlights

Faculty of Accountancy and Management enjoys a high reputation as a leading provider of accounting and business graduates in the business community. The Faculty has forged close links with the banking sector, such as Public Bank and Citibank to provide employment opportunities and sponsorship for inter-varsity investment games. The Faculty also collaborate with international professional bodies like ACCA and CIMA and local ones like MIA and MAICSA for programme accreditations and exemptions to provide the academic route for students to achieve professional qualifications.


Faculty of Arts & Social Science (FAS) provides a strong foundation for the future you want. With an extraordinary range of studies, you can pursue your interests, build on your talents and find your niche. Our courses provide considerable opportunities for students to broaden their skills not just in gain the knowledge and skills but in critical thinking, problem-solving, oral and written communications as well spirit to be lifelong learners.

The mission of Faculty of Business and Finance is to be a centre of academic excellence dedicated to meeting the educational needs of the various communities in Malaysia. The Faculty provides education for undergraduate studies with the vision of developing competent and highly motivated individuals who possesses critical thinking skills and good work ethics.

The Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI), provide 9 undergraduate programmes, Master of Communication Programme and PHD programme. The faculty has received a strong industry support in the form of industrial placement for its students, frequent talks to staff and students, mentoring of senior students and employment of its graduates.

The Engineering and Green Technology has five departments offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering and green technology. The programmes offered in the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology are constantly evolving as the curriculum is designed with inputs from leaders in the related industries and are therefore relevant to the needs of the industries. The curriculum is also incorporating knowledge gained from research works of the faculty academics involved in postgraduate programme.

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT) aims to produce competent and skillful graduates catering to the demands of the rewarding ICT job market in various industry sectors. ICT is the backbone and an essential element of most businesses today. It provides impetus to the day-to-day business functions by allowing for better cross departmental or organisational collaboration and communication, more effectively.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) aspires to be the preferred centre of education and research for medical and health sciences. The Faculty is devoted to provide a conducive environment for the acquisition of knowledge & skills for effective clinical practice; develop values & attitudes of dedication, ethics & professionalism in the delivery of healthcare; and produce graduates who would serve and improve the quality of life of the community.

Faculty of Science aspires to be a centre of knowledge acquisition and training for those who are interested in the fields of Science. At present, there are ten programmes of studies are offered by Faculty of Science. Dedicated staff, good facilities and a beautiful campus ground produce the correct combination for a holistic development of our students following the programmes of the faculty.

The Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) offers 16 undergraduate Bachelor degree programmes in the areas of actuarial science and mathematics, information and communication technology, engineering, built environment and physical science. In addition, the faculty also offers a total of nine postgraduate programmes comprising eight Master programmes and two Doctor of Philosophy programmes.

Facts & Key Information

Basic Info

Established : 2002

Staff : 2,000+

Students : 22,000+

Main Faculty

Institute of Postgraduate Studies & Research

Institute of Chinese Studies

Centre of Extension Education

Centre for Foundation Studies (Sungai Long Campus)

Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus)

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (Sungai Long Campus)

Faculty of Accountancy & Management (Sungai Long Campus)

Faculty of Arts & Social Science (Kampar Campus)

Faculty of Business & Finance (Kampar Campus)


Faculty of Creative Industries

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science

Faculty of Engineering & Green Technology

Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

Faculty of Science




Partner University

The Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania

Griffith University, Australia

Monash University, Australia

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Western Sydney University, Australia

Chatham University, North America

The University of Delaware, North America

Western Michigan University, North America

Anhui Normal University 安徽师范大学, China

Anhui University of Finance and Economics 安徽财经学院, China

Beijing Jiaotong University 北京交通大学, China

Beijing University of Chemical Technology 北京化工大学, China

Chengdu Normal University 成都师范学院, China

China-Malaysia Sunshine International School of Xi’an Jiaotong University 西安交大中马阳光学校, China

China University of Political Science and Law  中国政法大学, China

Clinical TCM Hospital of Yangzhou University  扬州大学中医医院, China

College of Humanities and Sciences of Guizhou Minzu University 贵州民族大学人文科技学院, China

Dezhou University  (+Shandong Farlim Tourism Development Co. Ltd.), China

East China Jiaotong University 华东交通大学, China

Fujian Business University 福建商学院, China

Aichi-Gakuin University, Japan
Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan
Gifu University, Japan
Hirosaki University, Japan
Hokuriku University, Japan
Jissen Women’s University, Japan
Josai University Educational Corporation, Japan
Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan
Kansai University of International Studies, Japan
Kobe University, Japan
Komatsu University, Japan
Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan

Busan Women’s College, South Korea
Dongseo University, South Korea
Gachon University, South Korea
Hanyang University, South Korea
Inje University, South Korea
Kookmin University, South Korea
Korea Maritime and Ocean University, South Korea
Mokpo National Maritime University, South Korea
Mokpo National University, South Korea
Mokwon University, South Korea
Soongsil University, South Korea

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