Diplôme de Cuisine

Duration:9 months

Intakes:January, April, July & October

Campus:Sunway Le Cordon Bleu

Level of Study:Diploma

Faculty:Culinary Arts

Course Code:KPT/JPS (R/321/6/0146) (A6244) 03/20

About this course

One of the most popular culinary discipline to be trained is learning the skill of cooking. The highly acclaimed Diplôme De Cuisine offers a most comprehensive programme in classical cooking Techniques interpreted through French recipes. This enable students to learn all the professional techniques from the very basic to advance in progressive manner taught by our team of highly trained Chefs rich with Industry experience – most of whom had worked in senior positions in some of the world’s finest and Michelin-starred Kitchens. These important techniques taught in class are interpreted through French Recipes which allows students to grasp knowledge of French Cuisine giving them versatility after they graduate to a range of exciting careers opportunities globally. The Diplôme de Cuisine may be completed in 9 months study and a 3 months professional enhancement experience which comprise of 3 certificates- Basic, Intermediate and Superior where a student will progress after passing the exams at each level.

Total Course Fees

RM109, 500 (local)
RM117,780 (International)

For scholarship enquiries,  please e-mail  malaysia@cordonbleu.edu for more details.

Subject Listing

Basic Cuisine

• Demonstrate fundamental basic cuisine preparations and cooking techniques including: – elementary sauces and emulsions – basic doughs e.g. pasta and puff pastry – introduction to plating presentation – basic plated desserts for restaurants – elementary methods of cooking e.g. braising, pan-frying, boiling, deep-frying, roasting, and steaming

• Basic knowledge of using knives and sharpening of knives the artisan way

• Gastronomy Sensory Experience

• Menu Concept

• Food Trends, and develop food concept

• Cheese Foundation

Intermediate Cuisine

• Implement all the basic techniques learned and apply them to fundamental European regional cuisine and culinary techniques including: – compile classic and modern plating presentations – sweet and savoury hot soufflé

• French Regional cuisine specialties

• Basic knowledge of Molecular cuisine

• Gastronomy Sensory Experience

• Menu Creation

• Food Trends, and develop food concept

• French Wine introduction

Superior Cuisine

Demonstrate a wide range of fundamental classical and contemporary cuisine techniques including: – elaborating world flavours and texture techniques – expressing personal cultural choices with ingredients and flavours – seasonal and market influences on cuisine

• World Cuisine

• Molecular cuisine 2

• Gastronomy Sensory Experience

• Menu Creation

• Food Trends, and develop food concept

• Wine & Food pairing

Entry RequirementsApplicants must have one of the following Entry requirements:

  • 17 years old or older
  • SPM / IGCSE – 1 Credit preferably in English / UEC – B6 in English
  • No prior culinary experience is required

International Student Only

  • 18-35 years old Competency in English language High school certificate
  • No prior culinary experience is required
  • Please contact Le Cordon Bleu for more information.

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