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MAHSA UniversityMAHSA University (Main Campus), Jln SP 2, Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610 Jenjarom, Selangor

MAHSA Avenue International College (City Campus), Jalan Ilmu, Off Jalan University, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

MAHSA University was founded in 2004 by Professor Tan Sri Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa. His vision for academic excellence in the fields of Health Sciences, Business, IT and Engineering has driven MAHSA to what it is today – a Centre of Excellence, producing competent 21st Century graduates and professionals to serve the global needs.

Its BE MORE maxim drives its strategies and plans towards an education that is beyond classroom and textbooks, and towards the cultivation of professional skills that will allow its graduates to be fully equipped for the years ahead through MAHSA’s PASSPORT to SUCCESS which embodies P.R.I.D.E (Professional, Industry Ready Education) and MAHSA Masterclass Series making it possible to create graduates who can fit the demands of the evolving economy and technology outside.

Being awarded also as a FULLY ONLINE UNIVERSITY by the Ministry of Education Malaysia in 2017, MAHSA provide borderless education through ELEVATE (Engaged Learning Experience and Innovative Teaching), offering OPEN & DISTANCE LEARNING programmes that are made to redesign the future of academic learning and providing academic excellence to everyone around the globe.


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The Faculty of Medicine, Bioscience, and Nursing is the largest faculty in the University and underpins the MAHSA identity as a premier institute for health care training.

The 3 schools embody the synergy of medical, nursing and laboratory support care that is required in everyone’s journey of health and wellness.

All three schools provide training and qualifications at all levels, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral.

We take pride in the strong academic and research backgrounds of our staff, our state of the art training facilities and partnerships with premier government and private institutions that serve as training grounds for our graduates.

Our courses are all accredited and also have regional and international recognition that allows us to benchmark ourselves in the constant pursuit of excellence in training.

Our graduates now work in Malaysia, as well as all over the world and are a testimony to the MAHSA’s core values and BE MORE motto.

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers programmes from a broad range of health science disciplines. Health Science professionals promote health and overall wellbeing while also providing therapeutic and rehabilitative care in various health care settings. The Faculty started under MAHSA College in 2005 with three departments, i.e. Department of Environmental Health, Department of Medical Imaging and Department of Physiotherapy offering Diploma programmes.

Today, all three departments offer Bachelor’s Degrees with the Physiotherapy Department going a step further in offering a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and earning MAHSA the distinction of being the only private university in Malaysia to offer this programme.

For learners who seek to further their studies in a flexible manner, we offer programmes in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode that couples online learning with face-to-face practical sessions to provide an exceptional learning experience with convenience. Our programmes have gained accreditation from the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), which allows our graduates to seek employment in both private and public sectors as well as to further their studies locally or abroad.

The joy of changing a person’s life by creating a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the rewards of being a dentist. Dentistry is a complex field as it is both challenging and rewarding. Dentistry is the art and science of prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and associated with maxillofacial region. A dental surgeon provides professional support to the community to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. MAHSA’s Faculty of Dentistry has committed to mentor our students in all levels of dental science. It offers programmes at the Diploma, Degree, Masters and Doctorate level. MAHSA University is the first Private University to offer Masters and doctorate programme which enables the graduates to attain the specialist qualification in Dentistry.

Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy, MAHSA University.

Whether you are doing a Diploma in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy, or Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Technology), we will prepare you for your career. You will gain hands-on experience through experiential placements in various pharmacy settings. Our experienced and dedicated educators will help you develop the skills to deal with the increasing complexity of the healthcare system.

Interested in becoming a pharmacist? Come and join our BPharm programme which is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. We will provide you with a sound foundation in the scientific principles for pharmacy. You will study a series of modules that will provide an in-depth understanding of the diseases, drugs and clinical uses of medicine. In the fourth year, you will explore therapeutics in medicine and put your pharmaceutical-care decision-making to the test. You will also conduct a supervised research project on current research topics.

Interested in working in a pharmaceutical industry? We can help students of the Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Technology) find invaluable work experience. Students will get the chance to complete an industry project in the form of an internship in their fourth year with the local pharmaceutical industries.

Interested in becoming a pharmaceutical scientist and work in a challenging position in academia, industry and government agencies? We can offer you a postgraduate Master or PhD study. Your research progress will be closely monitored and supervised. Our training programme will help you develop transferable skills that will be invaluable in your subsequent career.

Even with the challenges of COVID-19, we will continue to provide exceptional educational experiences in Pharmacy. Thank you for putting your trust in us and joining us in the Faculty of Pharmacy, MAHSA University.

Our students are our treasures, and graduates are our pride.

Industries are constantly changing and evolving and this process challenges our academic team in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (FEBE) at MAHSA University to provide the highest quality appropriate to current industry demands. Therefore, we choose the best platforms for every aspect to remain connected and to be well-informed in the era of IR 4.0, Green Technology and Sustainable Development. This are the main reasons we offer engineering-based programmes such as Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering as well as Quantity Surveying with emphasis on Built Environment.

The faculty members believe that each person can achieve extraordinary results, hence our united and motivated approach toward the holistic development of our graduates is our utmost priority. The vision of FEBE in cognitive knowledge is taken into account as well as soft skills such as ethics, communication and group-working skills plus a variety of hands-on activities. These form the main part of delivery for our programmes, as all our programmes are designed to develop the ability of each student to identify problems and recognize multiple solutions, and create new solutions, which are all essential in an engineer’s tasks. Thus every FEBE’s member strives to craft these skills from the very start of each student’s journey here at MAHSA University

To achieve this vision, all our laboratories are equipped with advanced facilities. Our programmes involve professional engineers (Ir.) and professional surveyors (Sr.) with many years of industry experience. Our faculty has a close relationship with industry leaders to make sure that our students are involved with real case studies and also to guarantee their job opportunities after graduation. Additionally, it is worth mentioning too, that all our academic staff are actively involved in professional research activities with worldwide academics and renowned industries.

Our faculty offers career-focused and industry-driven programmes to help you pursue your studies in the field of Business and Information Technology. The faculty’s programmes are centred around KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude) to equip you with all the necessary 21st century life skills that are integrate with IR4.0.

Our programmes are designed to provide you with Experiential Learning. This is evident from the industry and academic collaborations that we have and the number of industry-driven projects that our students undertake. Thus, we are committed to create economic opportunities and professional advancement to each and every student in our faculty. Our teaching fraternity continuously help students to excel in their chosen fields, thereby enabling them to contribute to the overall well-being of society. We believe that teaching and learning is not restricted to just classrooms and text books, thus our motto “from the classroom to the boardroom”.

Our overarching emphasis on research and the use of various technological and pedagogical tools helps students to be up-to-date with current market trends and be industry-ready upon graduation. Students are continuously nurtured to have the ability to apply, analyse and evaluate various information with the ability to handle complex situations and seek alternative solutions.

MAHSA’s philosophy of “Be More” enables us to provide you with a dynamic range of Masterclasses, P.R.I.D.E Programmes and other Professional Certifications in order to equip you with life skills. Besides these, we also focus on nurturing your digital, numeracy, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. These skills are vital especially when managing a company or a team. Hence, we not only build future leaders but also carve out committed entrepreneurs who would have developed key competencies to operate in the global business market by contributing to the growth of the nation leading to wealth creation.

Our emphasis on ethical decision making and professionalism help students to master skillsets that set them apart in the business world. Our innovative andragogy methods and the move towards blended learning help students to learn effectively and apply their knowledge in real life scenarios. Our industry-experienced and well qualified academic team help students to understand the latest trends in the business and IT world providing an added advantage.

Our assessments are based on real-world case studies which will further assist in shaping our students to think and evaluate problems critically and help them with life lessons for further decision making. Our globally competitive, integrated and state-of-the-art campus helps you to fine-tune your innovation skills.

Today many of our graduates have embarked on their professional journeys in leading firms within and outside Malaysia, and we believe our approach to teaching and learning in this faculty has equipped them with the right skills and qualities to stand tall in their career.

MAHSA University Foundation programmes prepare students for entry into various degree courses in the university with the knowledge to compete academically with students who possess STPM, A-Level or other equivalent pre-university qualifications.

The programmes are designed to be intensive and academically rewarding. Our track record has proven that students from the MAHSA Foundation programme have achieved higher success rates at the end of their first year of studies in MBBS, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biomedical Science, Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging and other degree programmes.

The Centre for Pre-University Studies provides students with a learning environment that helps them to adapt into the vital transition from school-based learning to university-based learning, thus creating a sense of familiarity with the university’s learning system a year prior to degree programme entry.

Indeed, our MAHSA foundation programmes let our students take ownership of their own academic destiny.

The Centre For Education and Language (CEL) has now taken the steps towards innovation. Besides providing intensive English Language immersion via the English For Academic Purposes short courses, and the running of the Matapelajaran Umum (MPU) courses, the Centre has proudly initiated two Diploma in Education progammes; namely, the Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Diploma in Education TESL.

The aspiration of CEL is to enhance, build, develop and sustain the quality of Education and the English Language. Both Education and Language empower minds and enable individuals to make life-changing decisions. Globalization and the revolution in information technology have wrought changes in Education and Language. English Language has become the operating system for worldwide communication and there is a need to strengthen the proficiency of English Language among students in order to meet international standards. At the same time, the infusion of technology in Education has brought about rapid changes in teaching approaches in the fields of ECE and TESL.

CEL endeavours to produce graduates who are proficient in the field of ECE and TESL in line with the government’s aspiration of upgrading the early childhood profession and the upskilling of English Language teachers. They will be prepared to function as highly qualified, competent and committed professionals in the field of education.

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Established : 2004

Staff : 500

Students : 6,000

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