Foundation in Science

Duration:1 year

Intakes:January, April, May, July, September

Campus:HELP Damansara

Level of Study:Pre-U

Faculty:HELP Matriculation Centre

Course Code:KPT/JPS (R2/010/3/0225) (A10667) 07/24

About this course

Choosing the right career at a tender age of 16 or 17 can be a with challenging task. Many students are left with the difficult task of making that choice without being sufficiently equipped with the necessary details to make an informed choice. Bearing that in mind, the Foundation Programme is designed to cater for the needs of the students taking into account the following considerations:

  • To provide good quality Pre-University education that prepares the students to meet the demands of undergraduate study
  • To incorporate a certain degree of flexibility where students can make their choice of selecting a discipline at a later stage rather than at the beginning of the course
  • Subjects such as Study Skills and Critical Thinking Skills are added to give the students an edge over others
  • Extra-curricular activities as well as good pastoral care are emphasized to ensure that students obtain a holistic education
  • To provide a conducive environment for study as well as to equip them with excellent facilities

Tuition Fee Only

RM 22,100

For scholarship enquiries please e-mail for more details.

Subject Listing


  • 50 credit hours
  • 3 semesters / 14 weeks per semester
  • 13 subjects (8 core + 5 electives) • Coursework / Assignments – 50% and Examination – 50%


SEMESTER 1 SUBJECTS (5 core = 18 credit hours)

  • Intermediate English (4 credit hours)
  • Calculus (4 credit hours)
  • Computing Principles (4 credit hours)
  • Study Skills (3 credit hours)
  • Personal Development and Leadership (3 credit hours)


SEMESTER 2 SUBJECTS (2 core + 2 electives = 16 credit hours)

  • Advanced English (Pre-requisite: Intermediate English) (4 credit hours)
  • Critical Thinking Skills (4 credit hours)
  • 2 Electives


SEMESTER 3 (1 core + 3 electives = 16 credit hours)

  • Culture, Arts and Politics (4 credit hours)
  • 3 Electives


SCIENCE ELECTIVES (must complete two sets) (Each elective subjects = 4 credit hours)

  • Biology I: Molecules, Cells & Energy
  • Biology II: Systems & Functions (Pre-requisite: Biology I)
  • Chemistry I: Elements, Compounds & Organic Chemistry 1
  • Chemistry II: Thermochemistry & Organic Chemistry 2 (Pre-requisite: Chemistry I)
  • Physics I: Mechanics, Light & Optics
  • Physics II: Fluid Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism (Prerequisite: Physics I)


ELECTIVES (each elective subject = 4 credit hours)

  • C Programming
  • Economic Principles
  • Finite Mathematics
  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Introduction to Legal Studies
  • Mathematics for Science • Psychology for Personal Development
  • Statistics
  • Visual Basic Programming

Subjects Offered:

Minimum 3 or maximum 4 from different rows:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry or Law
  • Physics or Accounting
  • Biology or Economics
  • Further Maths or English Literature

Exam: May/June and October/November

Entry RequirementsApplicants must have one of the following Entry requirements:

Applicants must have one of the following Entry requirements:

  • 5 SPM/SPMV Credits. At least a credit
    in Mathematics and 2 Science subjects (Biology/Chemistry/Physics) and a pass in Bahasa Melayu and History.
  • 5 O-Level Credits. At least a credit in Mathematics and 2 Science subjects (Biology/Chemistry/Physics)
  • 3B’s in UEC. At least a credit in Mathematics and 2 Science subjects (Biology/Chemistry/Physics)
  • Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.

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Scholarships Available (Applicable for 2020 intakes only)

Please refer below for scholarship eligibility:

Scholarship Amount
SPM / O-Levels Required

RM12,450 *

8 A+/A and above

RM5,000 **

7 A+/A or 8 A+/A/A-

RM4,000 **

6 A+/A or 7 A+/A/A-

RM2,000 **

5 A+/A or 6 A+/A/A-

Candidates are required to achieve A+/A in English and 3 out of these 4 subjects (Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry).

* The scholarship value will be deducted across 3 semesters.

** The scholarship value will be deducted from Semester 2 only.