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At INTI, we believe in an education that will empower you for life.

  • Gain the best quality education with world class facilities and resources, regardless of your field of studies.
  • Achieve an added edge while expanding your global perspectives through our collaborations with highly acclaimed international universities.
  • Experience quality education that prepares you to face the challenges in the global market.



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Students who study abroad often share how the experience has led to positive intellectual, cultural and personal development. Similarly, undertaking an American Degree Transfer Program helps students in Malaysia to further their studies at highly-rated academic institutions as well as broadening your perspective of the world.

  • Smooth credit transfer to over 300 US and Canadian universities.
  • Exclusive scholarships of up to USD 1 million awarded annually by US universities.
  • Largest alumni network in Malaysia.
  • Support from our dedicated university placement team.

Other than the joy of coming home with amazing life experiences, here are other great reasons why INTI’s American University Program (AUP) is an exciting study option for local and international students residing in Malaysia:

  • Recognition by the Malaysian and American Government
    INTI is a tertiary institution that receives the Certification of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade by the US government which displays our American University Program education credibility. The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) have also certified and acknowledged INTI’s AUP study program. Center for American Education (CAE), where AUP is located, is responsible for providing guidance in selection of universities, areas of study and scholarships for INTI’s AUP students.
  • Over 300 Universities to Choose From
    INTI’s AUP allows students to choose over 300 universities in both the United States and Canada which offer specialised areas of study in a wide range of courses. INTI’s AUP requires 4 years to complete the study program. Students also have the option to transfer to selected collaborated universities at Year 2, 3 or 4. Optionally, students may also complete a 4-year program in Malaysia at INTI alongside our partner university, that is the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).
  • Exclusive Scholarships for Eligible Students
    Students enrolled in the American Degree Transfer Program are eligible for exclusive scholarships which are awarded by our American partner universities.
  • Excellent University Placement Office Services Team
    From preparing major documents to estimating living expenses, the plan to study abroad can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, we have established our very own University Placement Office (UPO) services team to assist AUP students in their plans to study abroad. For example, our team provides assistance in visa applications, pre-departure matters and other finer details. Besides that, the University Placement Office also has a range of university research collections that help you to make better decisions based on our program guides, information on tuition fees and living expenses, university prospectus and other relevant materials.
  • Comprehensive Information on Credit Transfer
    INTI’s American University Program offers over 150 approved equivalency tables and articulation agreements with American universities in Malaysia, allowing AUP students to have a smooth credit transfer to their desired foreign university. To view all equivalency tables, they are available at the INTI University Placement Library. Basically, the University Placement Library possesses a collection of catalogues or prospectuses, handbooks, magazines, CD-ROMs from universities overseas, letters from alumni and other publications. American Degree Transfer Program and non-American Degree Transfer Program students are strongly encouraged to use these resources in their search for a suitable university overseas.

Learning about business is a great way to develop a solid understanding of how a business functions. It provides insights to real-time scenarios, such as identifying business core issues as well as creating and implementing business strategies in various industries. Business careers span in multiple industries, ranging from banking to creative industries. In other words, students in our Business programmes will leave with an academic qualification that is versatile and relevant in any organisation. Thus, employers from multinational corporations and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are always on the lookout for Business graduates due to the breadth of skills they could offer to a business, and the potential they have to become future business leaders. Alternatively, you can start your very own business as you apply what you have learned from our Business core and elective modules.

  • 99% of our graduates get jobs within six months after completing a programme.
  • Through practical workshops, bootcamps and industry guest lecturers, we ensure our graduates are industry-ready.
  • Our curriculum is developed in partnership with industry leaders, ensuring that our students are equipped with cutting-edge business and tech skills.
  • As part of our programmes, students complete employer projects initiated by leading companies.

At the INTI School of Business, we prepare our students with industry knowledge and skills that are fundamental to exercising critical thinking in the competitive business environment. Here are good reasons why INTI’s Business programmes are among the most sought-after Business courses in Malaysia:

  • Close Ties to Industry
    Over the years, INTI has cultivated a strong engagement with multinational companies and local organisations on diverse platforms such as INTI Leadership Series, Faculty Industry Attachments, Internships and Job Placements, to name a few. Our aim is to foster good business and management knowledge and skills to develop future-ready graduates.
  • Enhancement Programme
    Students at INTI are given a holistic education that covers not only academic subjects but also the skills, training and accreditation that enhance their academic learning, leadership skills, networking and personal development. This hands-on approach is achieved through a variety of activities, workshops and seminars that expose them to actual business scenarios.
  • International Partnerships
    INTI has close partnerships with renowned foreign universities, including the University of Hertfordshire (UK), that are globally recognised for the quality and innovativeness of their Business programmes.
  • Flexible Learning for Working Professionals
    INTI International University MBA – Learning Simplified, is a programme specifically designed for Working Professionals. A key feature of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is its flexible and personal approach to learning to accommodate the needs of a Working Professional’s lifestyle and family commitments. Students will acquire business management skills and knowledge that will help them develop their careers in a challenging management environment. They will develop a portfolio of key management competencies like strategic analysis, decision-making and appreciation of global business challenges. This is complemented by people, financial, marketing and system analysis skills.

INTI has established the INTI Center of Art and Design (ICAD) at INTI Subang campus that offers the full array of art and design programs along with the specialized facilities. Other than the physical facilities, ICAD has emphasized on regular curriculum revamping, where feedback from different stakeholders been collected to create the most robust and industry relevant curriculum. Staff professional development is an on-going faculty initiatives to develop staff knowledge, skills and abilities in inspiring students through teaching. Through this initiatives, staff and students are exposed to practical and interdisciplinary experience maintaining a competitive edge.

  • Internship in 5-star partner establishments
  • Focus on professional development, combining academic teaching and industry practice

Tackling Industry 4.0 challenges requires the latest technologies and tech-savvy computer specialists. In this digital age, almost all aspects of our lives rely heavily on digital technology. As a result, computing skills are highly sought-after and eventually become indispensable due to their high demand in every industry. To equip more people with computing skills, computer science courses are offered at every university and online skill-sharing platform worldwide.

  • Robust syllabus supplemented with compulsory internships with leading tech companies.
  • Secure technology leadership roles through industry partnerships with IBM.
  • Improve career prospects with IBM Digital Badge credentials.
  • Access to highly qualified and international thought leaders through our international partners.

Similarly, computer and IT (information technology) courses are aplenty in Malaysia. With so many degrees, how do you decide which university offers comprehensive computing and IT degree programmes? INTI has your answers:

  • Learn From Global Industry Leaders
    INTI organises sharing sessions of visiting professors and industry experts from our international partner universities. This gives students access to firsthand information on current industry practices, latest technologies and real-world problems. Visiting lecturers also collaborate and facilitate study tours with INTI students.
  • Acquire Present-Day Technical Skills
    Regular workshops are conducted to fill in the knowledge-based economy. We invite our own academic staff and guest speakers to cover basic computer skills like hardware troubleshooting, mobile application creation, and coding, in addition to learning about computer Operating System modules developed by SuSE Linux. INTI also offers a course curriculum integrated with Cisco Academy’s advanced learning materials. Upon graduation, INTI’s computer science students will receive a Cisco certified CCNA, an internationally reputable information technology certification. The set of technical skills and experiences acquired are priceless and can be applied to other non-technical fields.
  • Internships and Industrial Training
    Apart from designing a robust course syllabus, INTI has collaborated with leading technology companies to organise internships for our students. Past students have had the chance to work for Sony, Western Digital, PWC and more. With the ever-changing landscape of digital technology, INTI has included modules that touch on trending topics like e-commerce and online businesses. There are also additional specialisations in cybersecurity, tech implementation, data application and usage specifically in the scope of business intelligence.
  • Industry Curriculum Integration(i) IBM-ICE
    INTI is the first private higher education institution in Malaysia to offer programmes in collaboration with IBM. As a result of our partnership, IBM-Innovation Center for Education (IBM-ICE) was established. The main role of the centre is to equip INTI computing and IT students with new and relevant IT skills based on the jointly-developed innovative course curriculum by IBM and INTI. The curriculum focuses on the computing skills required in different industry specialisations. For example, industries like banking, education, manufacturing, healthcare and others.(ii) SAS Institute
    INTI partners with SAS Institute to design and integrate SAS curriculum in INTI’s Master in Information Systems and Master in Information Technology programmes. Through this collaboration, we strive to enhance our students’ knowledge and skills within the SAS domain which is recognised internationally. The SAS curriculum is also aimed to help students develop analytical and critical thinking skills, which will be very useful when entering the workforce. Moreover, INTI students will be SAS certified which will increase employability when applying to top-ranked tech companies.

Mass Communication is a field that explores the how and why behind every message and the medium through which it is sent to the masses. From broadcasting news to launching online marketing campaigns, the ability to effectively get your point across to your targeted audience is indeed a powerful skill. Popular forms of media include traditional print media, digital media, social media and television. Since Mass Communication is multi-disciplinary in nature, related fields such as journalism, advertising, public relations and broadcasting are commonly incorporated into this exciting field of study. With the society dependent on media to keep up with the latest news and trends happening in Malaysia or around the world, Mass Communication courses allow prospective university students to be exposed to a diversity of mass media formats and communication practices in their curriculum.

  • Collaborative internship opportunities with Malaysia’s leading media agencies.
  • Opportunity to attend international study trips.
  • Fully-equipped facilities and broadcasting studios.
  • Industry-relevant curriculum guided by industry-trained professionals.

Through INTI’s partnerships with some of the most prestigious international universities in the world, we aim to provide Mass Communication programmes that will equip students the ability to craft engaging and purposeful messages while effectively disseminating across different media and types of audience. Apart from our international collaborations, here are other takeaways why INTI’s Mass Communication programmes are worth considering:

  • Practical Experiences and Industry-Relevant Curriculum
    INTI champions the responsibility to align graduate outcomes with employer expectations. Therefore, we have integrated and incorporated an array of practical course-related activities to its teaching delivery. This is to ensure our students receive the industry-relevant curriculum guided by experienced and industry-trained professionals. INTI students are given the opportunity to undergo internships at Malaysia’s leading media agencies to expose them to real-world scenarios. From applying what they have learned into strategic media planning to being involved with developing and presenting advertising campaigns to management teams, we strive to empower Mass Communication students to think and learn beyond the classroom.
  • Advanced Learning Experience
    Apart from having industry professionals in our faculty, INTI students are able to maximise their learning experience using the highly advanced Blackboard Learning Management System, allowing students and lecturers to interact with each other via curated forums online. Also, students can revisit the lessons taught any time in addition to identifying areas for improvement using advanced analytics.
  • Fully-Equipped Broadcasting Studio
    With fully-equipped broadcasting studios with an array of microphones, lighting solutions and video recorders, our students are able to create productions for course work such as making video productions and live reporting tasks using the latest technology.
  • Mass Communication Week
    Organised annually by our Mass Communication students, it is an event to discuss and address key issues in media and communication with industry experts. It provides opportunities for students to develop their management and communication skills when inviting speakers to the event.

Basic Info

Established : 1996

Staff : 2,000+

Students : 22,000+

Main Faculty

Faculty of Applied Communication

Faculty of Business

Faculty of Cinematic Arts

Faculty of Computing & Informatics

Faculty of Creative Media

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Faculty of Information, Science & Technology

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Management

Foundation & Pre-University programmes

Partner University


  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • The University of Leeds
  • University of Strathclyde

South Korea

  • Busan Women’s College
  • Dongseo University
  • Gachon University
  • Hanyang University
  • Inje University
  • Kookmin University
  • Korea Maritime and Ocean University
  • Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Mokpo National University
  • Mokwon University
  • Soongsil University


  • Anhui Normal University 安徽师范大学
  • Anhui University of Finance and Economics 安徽财经学院
  • Beijing Jiaotong University 北京交通大学
  • Beijing University of Chemical Technology 北京化工大学
  • Chengdu Normal University 成都师范学院
  • China-Malaysia Sunshine International School of Xi’an Jiaotong University 西安交大中马阳光学校
  • China University of Political Science and Law  中国政法大学


  • Aichi-Gakuin University
  • Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Gifu University
  • Hirosaki University
  • Hokuriku University
  • Jissen Women’s University
  • Josai University Educational Corporation
  • Kanagawa Institute of Technology
  • Kansai University of International Studies
  • Kobe University
  • Komatsu University
  • Kwansei Gakuin University

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